Test Instructions

Hospital Test Instructions:

Angiogram (Cardiac Catherization)This test may be done as an outpatient or an inpatient at the hospital.

Electrophysiology StudyThis test may be done as an outpatient or inpatient at the hospital.

What to expect:
•Have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the check-in time for your procedure. You may have sips of water to take your medications as directed by a San Diego Cardiac Center nurse.
•Report to the Admissions Office at Sharp Memorial Hospital as directed by the San Diego Cardiac Center procedure scheduler.
•Bring your insurance card and personal hygiene items to the hospital. It is best not to bring your valuables.
•Your nurse at the hospital will review the procedure with you and have you sign a consent form at that time.


Office Test Instructions:

Spect Imaging/Nuclear Perfusion StudyThis test will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

What to expect:
•An informed consent will be given to you to read and sign before the test.
•Initially an intravenous (IV) line will be placed in your hand or arm vein to allow injection of the radioactive substance.
•After waiting 30-60 minutes, a 30-minute scan will be taken of your heart.
•A stress test follows, which may be done by exercising on a treadmill or by taking special medicine. At your peak exercise, a harmless, radioactive substance is injected through the IV line and you will be asked to continue exercising for one or two more minutes.
•For people who are unable to exercise on the treadmill, a special medication will be used to mimic the effect of exercise.
•Approximately 15-30 minutes after the stress test, a second 30-minute rest study is done.

Special Instructions:

•Wear comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for walking. Avoid wearing dresses, jumpsuits or shirts with metallic buttons or zippers on the chest area. Also, no underwire style bras.
•Nothing to eat for 4 hours prior to the test. You may drink water in any amount. If you are diabetic, eat as necessary and take your medication as usual.
•Take all your medications as usual, unless directed otherwise by your physician.
•For 12 hours before your test: NO coffee or tea of any kind, NO decaffeinated coffee, tea of any kind, including herbal tea, NO colas or soft drinks including those labeled caffeine free, NO chocolate (candy, cakes, pies, cocoa, white chocolate, etc., NO Anacin, Excedrin, or any other aspirin products containing caffeine, NO oral asthma medications such as Slo-bid (Theophylline), and NO smoking.